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Day 2564: Cerebral Palsy – My Blessing In Disguise

Cerebral Palsy just might be my greatest advantage– that’s what I’ve realized.


It’s 12: 36  PM on day 2564 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray,  have breakfast, read James 4:7  and promote my 50 New Feet Campaign benefiting MiracleFeet – Yesterday  Anonymous donated $25 (thanks so much Anon) which brings the total raised to $3 556 only $9 8 944 more to raise by June 17, 2018 to help 50 kids with clubfoot .


Today I was searching the internet for physical things I could do to help raise money for 50 New Feet then I had an epiphany because of my challenges wherever I decide to do its impact will be magnified (Cerebral Palsy is totally my blessing in disguise).