Day 2709: Look to Grow

Look to grow from every experience – that’s my message to the world.


It’s 1 : 58 PM on day 2709 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray, read Isaiah 54:10,  have breakfast and promote my 50 New Feet Campaign benefiting MiracleFeet –   A HUGE thanks to Beverly who donated $50   which brings the total raised to  $7 481 only $5 019 more to raise by June 17, 2018 to help 50 kids with clubfoot.


After yesterday and hearing that I will be undergoing toe and wrist surgery on February 22nd everybody has been extra to me my dad bought my favourite rusks (that’s what he does when he can’t fix things he buys things I appreciate it sadly he can’t buy me a body with fully functional parts), my mom is being a  tad more clingy and even my brother is less himself than usual meanwhile this morning I found myself waiting for them to get out of the house so I could cry in peace without making anyone feel powerless (I seldom cry in front of my family especially when they are powerless to fix whatever’s happening – imagine being without the power to help that which you  brought into the world I’m not going to let my parents see just how much my life hurts instead I’m going to suck it up and choose to grow from all of life’s experiences).

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