Day 2529: The World Is But A Mirror

The world simply mirrors back to you how you see yourself– that’s what I’ve realized.


It’s 11 : 26  AM on day 2529 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray, read 1 Corinthians 13:12,  have breakfast and promote my 50 New Feet Campaign benefiting MiracleFeet –Yesterday Anonymous  donated $250 (thanks so much Anon) which brings the total raised to $3 125 only $9 375 more to raise  by June 17, 2018 to help 50 kids with clubfoot.


This morning I was thinking about my attitude of years gone by I had a giant chip on my shoulder because I thought the whole world pitied me but now I realize that what I saw in others was a reflection of how I saw myself because the truth is the world didn’t pity me; I pitied me I pitied my fragile body and the words that didn’t come out fluently but the moment I stopped seeing myself as somehow broken and less than and the moment I stopped making Cerebral Palsy the centre of my universe I saw something different in most people’s eyes I saw love and sometimes even admiration (though I still don’t get what there is to admire I’m just me doing what I do that hardly deserves a medal) now I hardly mention that I have Cerebral Palsy because it has no bearing on most of the things I do in life. I will always have Cerebral Palsy but I am determined that Cerebral Palsy will NEVER EVER have me!

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