Day 2467: “June 16 Youth Day Drawing Tribute (Time-Lapse)“ by Michael Cost

“Our youth are the crucial stakeholders as we address our challenges and work towards building our future with a shared vision.”  – Catherine Constantinides


It’s 9 : 58 AM on day 2466 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray, have breakfast, read Proverbs 3:9 and learn a new word – Definitions for expostulate
to reason earnestly with someone against something that person intends to do or has done; remonstrate: His father expostulated with him about the evils of gambling.


Today is Youth Day here in South Africa – a day that honours the youth of 1976 who fought against the introduction of Afrikaans as the medium of instruction in local schools – and in honour of that I’m sharing a video made by Michael Cost to pay tribute to all the young people who fought and died for many in South Africa. Watch “June 16 Youth Day Drawing Tribute (Time-Lapse)“ by Michael Cost below:

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