Day 2366: Skyping with the Incredible Laura Schroff

Have the courage to ask and more often than not you shall receive – that’s what I’ve realized.


It’s 11 : 22 AM on day 2366 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray, have breakfast, read Psalm 25:9 and learn a new word – Definitions for middlescence
the middle-age period of life, especially when considered a difficult time of self-doubt and readjustment.


Recently I emailed Laura Schroff asking if I could either meet her in person or Skype with her and to my surprise she actually replied agreeing to a Skype chat yesterday we made it happen it was just incredible spending almost twenty minutes talking to the woman whose words have changed me for the better I was so blown away by her humanity and humility I’m so glad I reached out to tell her what kind of impact she has had on my life because nobody deserves to know of her own impact more than Laura does (one gets the feeling she walks through the world completely unaffected by the impact that her life has had on the lives of many others and that to me was just AMAZING hopefully someday when I have something to be humble about I’ll be as humble and as kind as Laura is).

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