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Day 2031: Actions, Titles and Leadership

Actions and not titles make leaders – that’s what I keep realizing.


It’s 12  : 11 PM on day 2031 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray, read Revelation 8,  learn one new thing –Dogs belong to the taxonomic family Canidae (canines) which is divided into two tribes: those related to wolves (Canini) and those related to foxes (Vulpini). A couple of canine species lay outside these two tribes, but hyenas are not canines.- have breakfast, hang out outside and work on my 25 Smiles Campaign – Beverly donated $25  (thanks so much  Beverly your ongoing support means a lot to me always :) ) which brings the total raised to raised $4 146 only $2 104  more to raise by 10 Jan 2017  (SO SO SO GRATEFUL to everyone who has supported this campaign so far :)  ).


Yesterday some things happened in South African politics that made me realize yet again that actions and not titles make leaders.