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Day 2465: “The Stars” by Lady Antebellum

Life is a beautiful messed up mystery
Yeah, it’s true, it can make you laugh, it can cut you deep
Sometimes you gonna feel like a million bucks, sometimes a burned out cigarette
But whatever comes your way, no matter what, don’t you ever forget
The stars ain’t got nothing on you
Your heart burns much brighter than the moon
If you ever lost and broken inside
Just remember the way you helping me shine
The stars ain’t got nothing on you

Lady Antebellum, “The Stars”


It’s 9 : 30 AM on day 2465 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray, have breakfast,  read  1 Peter 4: 14 and learn a new word – Moue : a little grimace : pout


A few days ago I heard “The Stars” by Lady Antebellum the lyrics were so beautiful and relatable I couldn’t help falling in love with the song. Listen to  “The Stars” by Lady Antebellum below: