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Day 2474: Her life, My Life and A Country of Two-Halves

The life I live is someone else’s dream– that’s what I’ve realized


It’s 11 : 03 AM on day 2474 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray, read Ephesians 5:25, have breakfast and promote my 50 New Feet Campaign benefiting MiracleFeet – between today and yesterday Anonymous 1 and Anonymous 2 donated $150 between them (thanks to them them both) which brings the total raised to $810 only $11 690 more to raise in 359 days to help 50 kids with clubfoot )won’t be easy but very doable with God in me) .



This morning our housekeeper described to me something horrible that happened to her friend’s son and she said her friend just laughed off the heinous abuse of her son in that moment I realized that although our housekeeper and I live in the same country we live in two different worlds she’s told me of gang rapes and other stuff I can neither unhear nor unimagine I’m surprised I sleep at all her stories are in my head and when I’m with her I’m acutely aware of my middle-class privilege I try not to feel guilty about it but it’s hard knowing that had I been born to different parents that would have been me.

Day 2462: THANK YOU to the Heroes of the Garden Route

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” – Joseph Campbell

It’s 12 : 23 PM on day 2462 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray, have breakfast,  read  1 Chronicles 16:12, go to church, and learn a new word – Definitions for aegis 1.protection; support: under the imperial aegis. 2. sponsorship; auspices: a debate under the aegis of the League of Women Voters. Classical Mythology. the shield or breastplate of Zeus or Athena, bearing at its center the head of the Gorgon.

Recently parts of South Africa have been ravaged by fire and while it has been devastating I’m heartened to see South Africa coming together to support those in need. Thank you to the firefighters who are risking their lives to rescue people and to everyone else helping out in different ways.

Day 2457: Chronicles of An Aspiring South African Humanitarian

Do all the good you can as often as you can because it’s the right thing to do not because you think people will thank you – that’s my message to the world.


It’s 12 : 20 PM on day 2457 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray, have breakfast,  read John 4: 16 and learn a new word – Definitions for brinkmanship
the technique or practice of maneuvering a dangerous situation to the limits of tolerance or safety in order to secure the greatest advantage, especially by creating diplomatic crises.


This year has been somewhat different from previous years in that I’ve be working much more in my own town suffice to say it has been both challenging and rewarding sometimes at the same time my family is ready to have me committed for dragging them to a place in town that everybody else is scared to enter I know that I’m putting myself and my parents at risk and yes sometimes the community I work in responds in ways even I don’t expect but my job is to help however I can how they receive that help and what they do with it after I leave is something that  I have relinquished control over (if I could walk I seriously probably would have been killed by now I have no fear at all I will go into any township in town and feel totally safe).

Day 2453: Focus on Where Your Power Lies

There’s a lot of things we can’t change but there’s a lot of things we can change – that’s what I’ve realized.


It’s 11 : 55 AM on day 2453 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray,   have breakfast, read Revelation 3: 5   and learn a new word – Definition of suborn
transitive verb 1 to induce secretly to do an unlawful thing 2: to induce to commit perjury; also : to obtain (perjured testimony) from a witness.


This morning I found myself thinking about the political situation here in South Africa and to be honest it sucked the life out of me but there’s not much I can do about it so I’m going to do what I can, where I can and when I am because after all nobody needs to be President to make a difference (and sometimes even when you are President absolute power corrupts absolutely and you have no interest in helping people).

Day 2417: Freedom Day 2017

“The cause of freedom is not the cause of a race or a sect, a party or a class-it is the cause of human kind, the very birthright of humanity.” – Anna Julia Cooper


It’s 11 : 11   AM on day 2417 of my journey towards independence and I managed to , pray, have breakfast, read   Jonah 2:6  and learn a new word – Definitions for Pollyanna
(often lowercase).1. unreasonably or illogically optimistic: some pollyanna notions about world peace. Also, Pollyannaish. 2. an excessively or blindly optimistic person.


Today as South Africa celebrates twenty-three years of freedom I understand that there’s a lot still to be done but I can’t help but marvel at how far we’ve come. I fight for the South Africa of my dreams but I also celebrate this country’s every victory. Happy Freedom Day South Africa let’s continue to use our freedoms to make South Africa and the world a better place.

Day 2391: Thank you so much to the true leaders of South Africa

South Africa is blessed with some leaders of character – that’s what I realized yesterday.


It’s 12 : 10  PM on day 2391 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray, read Romans 10: 17 , have breakfast  and learn a new word – Definitions for plisky 1.Scot. and North England. a mischievous trick; practical joke; prank. 2. Scot. and North England. mischievous; playful.


Yesterday amid divisions in the country I was heartened to see some leaders who were unwilling to compromise their values for a job title and money. Thank you so much to the true leaders of South Africa who stand up for what is right even if it means losing their seat (quite literally).

Day 2386: South Africa in 10 Days

See everything in life through the eyes of a tourist – that’s my message to the world.


It’s 10 : 42  AM on day 2386 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray, read Acts 3:19 , have breakfast  and learn a new word – Mendacious (men·da·cious) adj Not telling the truth; lying: “A mendacious politician;” “A mendacious defendant.”


Yesterday I saw South Africa through the eyes of a tourist and it was the most amazing thing. Watch “South Africa in 10 Days” below:

Day 2380: Human Rights Day 2017

Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. Hans Christian Andersen

It’s 10 : 47  AM on day 2380 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray, read Leviticus 20:8, have breakfast   and learn a new word – Halcyon (hal·cy·on) Adj 1. Calm; peaceful; tranquil: “Halcyon seas.” 2. Rich; wealthy; prosperous: “Halcyon times before the recession.”


Today is Human Rights Day here in South Africa – a day commemorating the 1960 Sharpville Massacre which killed 69 people – the freedoms that I currently enjoy were bought with the blood of those 69 people and many others I am ashamed to say that sometimes I forget that. Thank you to the fallen heroes of  the1960 Sharpville Massacre.

Day 2326: Reasons to Visit South Africa

“As a South African I honestly cannot understand how people can’t see South Africa as a unique nation, untied by ties of history, bonds of suffering, victory, struggles, hope – and in more ways than I ever before thought possible – blood.” ― Christina Engela, The Time Saving Agency


It’s 8: 38 AM on day 2326 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray, read Psalm 34: 8  and learn a new word – Amorphous [a·mor·phous] adj. Without a clearly defined shape or form. Vague; ill-organized; unclassifiable. “The amorphous package caused alarm to many people in the terminal.”


Yesterday I published a video entitled “Reasons to Visit South Africa” in which I talk about all the reasons why I think everybody should visit South Africa at least once in their lifetime (I hope that watching this video inspires you to make the trip to my beautiful South Africa. Watch “Reasons to Visit South Africa” below:

Day 2275: Summer in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world – that’s what I want the world to know


It’s 10: 53 AM on day 2275 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray,   read Revelation 1:18  and work on my  25 Smiles Campaign    –raised $9 161.04 only  $3 338.96 more to raise to reach my second goal of raising $12 500 for Smile Train before Jan 10 2017 (SO SO SO GRATEFUL to everyone who has supported this campaign so far ).


This morning as I stared out our dining room window at the Jacaranda tree under the blue sky I couldn’t help but be in awe of the beauty of nature South Africa truly is breath-taking in the summer (I LOVE living here this country is filled with beauty, diversity, pain and possibility….. I truly feel welcome and valued here I don’t think I would believe so much in the possibility of me if I didn’t live in the land of possibility).