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Day 2665: 2017 Goals Update

Reflection is necessary for progress – that’s what I keep realizing


It’s 11 : 20 AM on day 2665 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray,read Romans 8:28,  have breakfast and promote my 50 New Feet Campaign benefiting MiracleFeet –   A HUGE thanks to Inna Velasquez who donated $150 and Shaun Francis and family who donated $100  which brings the total raised to  $6 616 only $5 884 more to raise by June 17, 2018 to help 50 kids with clubfoot.


Last night I looked by at my 2017 goals and assessed my progress (some goals I achieved, some goals I semi-achieved while others I didn’t even attempt for many reasons). Take a look:


2017 Goals Update


  1. Continue to be kind, honest and generous [I tried]
  2. Raise at least $250 more for my 25 Smiles Campaign before it ends 9 days from today (January 10, 2017)  [final total raised $10 317.04]
  3. Publish my book Defying the odds: Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way[everything is done I just have to reread, fix a  picture and send the book to agents or publishers]
  4. Keep in touch with my aunties, uncles and grandmother [I did as often as I could]
  5. Call at least one person a month just to hi or thank you [I did most months except November]
  6. Read 10 + books [read 6 book – 6 books is not 10 but it’s not 0]
  7. Donate to or raise money for Miss Earth South Africa – it’s a leadership programme that empowers young South African women to combat climate change (they put in food gardens in schools and communities, organize  beach clean-ups, do talks in schools and collect stationary for school kids….. truly phenomenal work)
  8. Donate to or raise money for Jumping Kids – a South African NPO that provides prosthetics to disadvantaged kids across the country
  9. Donate to or raise money for the Sunshine Children’s Home – a children’s home in my town doing phenomenal work (I went there last year and I was so touched to see how well taken care of the kids were – the adults there are family to those kids they do everything possible to make sure the kids have everything they need)
  10. Donate to the Panda Crew – the Panda Crew are basically a group of friends who go around doing good in their spare time (love my Panda brothers they are everything that’s good and right about our world)
  11. Go paragliding in Cape Town (people are going to think I’m crazy but I’ve ziplined (if  I can get my parents, my physiotherapist and a paragliding company to go along with it) I know I can paraglide (in tandem with a skilled pilot)) (NOBODY can tell me I can’t do something I KNOW I can do I BELIEVE in my own unlimited human potential) [Update : We made the booking to go paragliding on April 8, 2017 -health and weather permitting on the day I will paraglIde with  Fly Cape Town Paragliding on April 8, 2017]
  12. Try painting [yesterday I drew a house and painted it with kiddie watercolours]
  13. Meet Ella Constantinides-Leite
  14. Meet Brent Lindeque
  15. Meet Kerri Stein
  16. Meet Sebastian Schütte  and the Panda Crew
  17. Meet Yusuf Abramjee
  18. Meet Phuti Mahanyele
  19. Diarize at least one good moment of every day [I did this more often than I didn’t]
  20. Learn a new word every day [this was a flop I didn’t more often than I did]
  21. Learn Sesotho [learned most of the vocabulary and recorded the whole thing I still remember some of the words and phrases ]
  22. Go to Paris, Rome, Athens and London



Day 2372: Reflection on my life so far

“Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.” – Barbara De Angelis


It’s 11 : 56 AM on day 2372 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray, have breakfast, read Samuel 22: 4 and learn a new word – Definitions for heart-whole 1.not in love.
2. wholehearted; sincere.


This morning I was laying on my bed quietly reflecting on the almost twenty-six years of my life and unsurprisingly I found out that it’s the people I’ve met and the experiences that I’ve had along the way that mean the most to me (life really isn’t about things or money it’s about the connections we create with others and their stories that become woven with ours – I will never forget the man who thought to donate to one of my campaigns in the midst of grieving the loss of his wife and raising two young sons or the university student who somehow always has the money to help me make a difference (these people and many others are forever a part of my story and I am forever grateful to be a small part of theirs)).


Day 2313: The Good in Every Day

There’s good in every single day– that’s what I’m realizing.


It’s 10: 12  AM on day 2313 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray and read Isaiah 43:19 (will be working on my birthday project benefiting Miss Earth South Africa and Jumping Kids -unfortunately only those living in South Africa can participate in this project (apologies to my friends overseas).


Recently I started writing down one awesome moment of every day which is making me realize there is good in every day we just have to pause and reflect to find it.

Day 839

The only way to know how far you’ve come is to look back– that’s what I keep learning 🙂

It’s  4 : 35 PM on day 839 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth ,feed myself an egg sandwich for breakfast, take off my shirt by myself, go to pick up my cousin at the airport,    stretch my hamstrings,   publish my Disability of the Day feature,  publish my Kid of the Week feature, feed myself rice and curry for lunch and play board games with family.

With 2012 coming to an end I thought I would share with you highlights of my year. Take a look:

My Year in Review

  1. Finally after two years I finished raising money to build a well – the well was completed on 21 June 2012 and now serves approximately 550 people in the Chemoset community in Kenya.
  2. Raised $252 for the World Food Programme through my 21 For 21 Campaign – I basically asked everyone I “knew” on Twitter to donate $21 in honour of my 21st birthday, they did and as a result the WFP had 1 008 more cups of food that they use to feed people.
  3. Raised $100 for Nothing But Nets as part of my  Mandela Day initiative – $100 = 10 bed nets that protect against Malaria again I asked people on Twitter to donate $10 or more.
  4. Completed my two years of blogging on 1 August 2012.
  5. Held down a full-job as a Social Media Manager for five months – I quit partly because I need more time to learn how to do things by myself so that I could be as independent possible.
  6. With the help of my online friends I got my life story featured in the October issue  of Longevity magazine – me being featured in a magazine was only a highlight of my year because I think it did quite a lot to raise Cerebral Palsy awareness.
  7. Learned to take off and put on a t-shirt by myself.
  8. Conceived and executed my Chain of Good competition idea – Catherine (@catvoncat) won the competition and I donated to her favourite charity, the 50/50 Project, just as I promised I would.
  9. Bought Christmas gifts for the kids in housekeeper’s neighbourhood with the money I earned while working – it felt so good to use the money I earned to buy Christmas gifts for kids who might not have had any.
  10. Made sandwiches for the people in our housekeeper’s neighbourhood as part of Virginia’s Sandwich Run.

I LOVE hearing from you feel free to leave a comment below.

Day 321

The only way to know if you’re on the right track is to check your inventory once in a while – that’s what I learned today 🙂

It’s 7: 54 PM on day 321 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to feed myself an oranges for breakfast, prepare and publish my Kid of the Week feature, brush my teeth, tweet about my Clean Water For All Campaign – no luck – feed myself avocado and oranges for dinner and brush my teeth once more.

This morning I was in the bathroom doing what people usually do in the bathroom and suddenly it occurred to me that I wasn’t making progress with regards to becoming more independent so I decided to grade my own report card. Take a look:

Reflections of the past 321 days: Self-assessment

  • To push myself around on my wheelchair – needs more practise most of the time I’m too lazy so I ask my family to wheel me around
  • To get in and out of bed by myself – not yet attempted because my parents are always around and even if they weren’t I would be too afraid to try because I fall and break my bones
  • To go to the bathroom by myself– again not yet attempted because my parents are always around and even if they weren’t I would be too afraid to try because I fall and break my bones
  • To bathe myself – attempted/needs more practice – I tried two days ago when my mother was in the hospital with my brother but since I can’t bend my back because there’s a metal rod in it – I had Scoliosis – that proved to be difficult
  • To undress and redress myself – attempted/needs more practice – sometimes I can only get one hand out a sleeve other times it’s both and on a really good I can take my whole shirt off
  • To brush my teeth – partially achieved – I can brush my teeth just fine but I need someone to help me lean over the sick so that the toothpaste ends up in the sink and not all over my shirt
  • To sign my name on a document (I never write anything out I always use a computer/laptop) – achieved sort of/needs more practice – I signed for my debit card and it was accepted bt when I signed to renew my passport it was denied
  • To type with both hands – needs more practice – I have been typing with only my left hand so long that it’s hard to break
  • To eat and drink by myself – partially achieved/needs more practice – I can feed myself with a spoon and drink from a mug but feeding myself with a fork and knife and drinking from a glass (because it has no handle) is still difficult

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