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Day 2290: Family Time 2016

“Presence is more than just being there. When you take time out, be all there, with your family, friends & quiet time. It’s more than presence.” – Catherine Constantinides


It’s 3: 58 PM on day 2290 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray,   have breakfast, go shopping with family – finally bought Christmas presents for everyone (we do family gifts so each family within our family gets 1 gift from each of the other families), have lunch with family  and work on my  25 Smiles Campaign    – yesterday Joshua, Jonathan and Jeremiah   donated $25 and Stan Faryna donated $25 (thanks SO MUCH to to all of them) which brings the total  raised to $9 311.04 only  $3 138.96 more to raise to reach my second goal of raising $12 500 for Smile Train before Jan 10 2017 (SO SO SO GRATEFUL to everyone who has supported this campaign so far ) (Note: My fundraising page has been revamped and because it takes time to move the info from the old platform to the new the total raised looks less than it actually is.


Today was a day spent with family shopping with family, eating with family, playing with family…. It was nice and I seldom thought about all the stuff I needed to get done it was nice from now onwards I’m just going to be wherever I am life’s more enjoyable that way.