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Day 1494: Positive Post-It Day

“Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but how we react to what happens, not by what life brings us but the attitude we bring to life.” -Wade Boggs


It’s 12 : 13 PM on day 1494 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, pray, read Ecclesiastes 1, publish my Disability of the Day feature, stretch my hamstrings,  feed myself oats with banana for breakfast, read and comment on Four Years Later: A Metamorphosis and promote my Educate Generations campaign  – still on $360 but things could be worse I could still be on $0 🙂


Today I came across Caitlin Haacke’s story Caitlin created Positive Post-It Day after a cyber bully urged her to die I LOVE that Caitlin turned a potential negative into something so beautiful and positive. Watch Positive Post-It Day below: