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Day 1819: Going through the pain and darkness

“Stars can’t shine without darkness”― D.H. SidebottomFragile Truths


It’s 12: 00 PM on day 1819  of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to pray, read Luke 9,    publish my Disability of the Day feature,    have breakfast,  learn one new thing – Garrulous [gar·ru·lous] adj. Excessively talkative, especially on trivial matters. “A garrulous reprimand.”–   and promote my Educate Generations campaign – $4 710 raised  so far (thanks so much guys I’m so grateful 🙂 ).


A while ago I read stars can’t shine without darkness and I read it again today it is so true we as people avoid pain and seek pleasure but anybody who has come through any sort of darkness will tell you that instead of trying to manoeuvre around pain and darkness you should go through it because it is in the darkness that we shine the brightest.