Day 2525: Kindness is…

“Kindness is just love with work boots on.” – Britt Michaelian


It’s 2: 41  PM on day 2525 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray, read Isaiah 33:2, go to church – this morning we attended a Syriac Orthodox Service – two and half hours long (without consuming any food so that we could be as pure as possible before communion) it was a nice service (we are Syriac Orthodox we just go to Methodist Church sometimes because Father S can only come to our town every 3 months) – and have lunch


Yesterday I came across a quote by Britt Michaelian that read kindness is just love with work boots on I loved that she’s absolutely right kindness is just love with work boots on….. kindness is love in action.

2 thoughts on “Day 2525: Kindness is…

  1. Stan Faryna

    I like Britt’s analogy but love and boots must have a direction and a meaning. The work must speak to our dignity as persons and individuals, our calling, and our design.

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