Day 2448: Before All Else Start With Jesus

We cannot be functional if we don’t first start at the feet of Jesus– that’s what I know.


It’s 11 : 39 AM on day 2448 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray, read Proverbs 22: 6, go to church, have breakfast and learn a new word – Extemporaneous adj. 1. Unrehearsed. Done or said without advance preparation or thought; impromptu. 2. Prepared in advance but delivered without notes or text: “An extemporaneous speech.”


Today we want to church and listened to a sermon entitled “Only One Thing Is Needed” it was about how in order to make a meaningful contribution to the world we must first start at the feet of Jesus I could relate because every morning before I start my day  I pray and then list out loud all the things I’m grateful for which takes  me about eight minutes to do but it’s totally worth it after that I feel centred and prepared for anything that the day has in store for me.

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