Day 2378: Beautiful Interruption

Be a beautiful interruption in someone’s day – that’s my message to the world.


It’s 12 : 40 PM on day 2378 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray, have breakfast, read 2 Thessalonians 2:15   and learn a new word – Genteel (gen·teel) adj.  1. Refined in manner; well-bred and polite.  2. Free from vulgarity or rudeness.  3.Elegantly stylish: genteel manners and appearance.


Last year on a day when I was sick Catherine Constantinides called to check on me I was so touched by that (in that moment I knew how sick kids felt when Batman or Spiderman called) and ever since then at least once a month I call someone I love or someone who has helped me in some way just to hi or thank you I’ve spoken to people from all walks of life and it was interesting to note their similar reactions to my phone calls all of them were so touched that I called I think because my phone call was proof that they mattered to someone. Be a beautiful interruption in someone’s day make a call just to say hi or thank you.

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