Day 2340: 8 Dreams and Goals I’d like to help others achieve

There’s joy in helping other people make their dreams come true– that’s my message to the world.


It’s 1 :  28 PM on day 2340 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray, have breakfast read Mark 12:30-31 and learn a new word – Rapier [ra·pi·er] n. Quick and incisive. A sharp-pointed sword used for thrusting. “Rapier combat was not for the meek.” “Rapier wit.”


Yesterday I was making a mental list of the dreams and goals I would like to help my family and friends accomplish I wrote them down today so I don’t forget. Take a look:


8 Dreams and Goals I’d like to help others achieve

  1. Give my mother a day off (I feel so bad other women my mom’s age are almost empty-nesters and but for me she almost would be I cannot imagine what it must be like to work full-time and have to take care of a fully-grown 25-year-old in your 50s it must be breaking her heart and her body)
  2. Earn money to give to dad so he can invest (he loves investing he gets so excited talking about it although I think he invests to ensure that my siblings and I will be well taken care of when he’s not around (dad I appreciate it but I know deep within myself that money won’t be a problem for me in the future I don’t know how I know I just do God will take care of me because I try every day to take care of others))
  3. Buy my brother a pair of Havaianas (R700 is a ted expensive for slippers and we’ve always tried to teach my brother that life is not about material possessions but he’s a good kid works hard in school and helps anyone whenever he can so I’m going try and get him those slippers)
  4. My sister works really hard, is nice to everyone and asks for nothing I want to get her something awesome when she graduates from med school (I’m still trying to figure out what that something will be but it will be awesome)
  5. Organize a TV for Sisi Amanda (her TV got damaged and she’s been wanting another ever since)
  6. Help Superhero Catherine Constantinides free the Western Sahara (the Western Sahara is a country that has been illegal occupied by Morocco for the past 41 YEARS it’s shocking to me that only a few people are raising hell about this. Please take a minute to read and share Catherine’s articles about this issue In the Quest for Climate Justice, Who’s Left Out? By Letting Morocco Back In, The African Union Ignores Colonisation   )
  7. Help Jodene Shear meet the pre-order sales target of her book The Holistic Entrepreneur: How to Succeed by Focussing on Self-Worth, Intuition, and Happiness (if any of you have a Kindle please do pre-order the book)
  8. Help Steph visit her kids in Australia (or have them come visit her)

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