Day 2020: Thanks for the birthday love

The smallest acts of kindness take up the most space in your heart – that’s what I keep realizing.


It’s 12 : 07 PM on day 2020 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray, read 1 John 5,  have breakfast, learn one new thing – In captivity, both crows and ravens have been known to live for about thirty years – tops. In the wild, the average life span of a crow is 7-8 years. –   have breakfast and work on my 25 Smiles Campaign – yesterday Samuel Kochukanayathil donated $50,  a person who i think would prefer to remain anonymous donated $25, Ellyn Harris donated $25 and Jim Mahar donated $25  (thanks so much everyone 🙂 ) which brings the total raised to raised $3 757 only $2 493  more to raise by 10 Jan 2017  (SO SO SO GRATEFUL to everyone who has supported this campaign so far :)  ).


Yesterday people from all over the world called and sent messages wishing me a happy birthday I was (and am still) so touched by the love people have for me. Thank you so much to everyone for all the birthday love yesterday I love you guys too.

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