Day 1946: “Absa Prosper | Rise Again – The Story of Gaynor Young”

“I, who have died, am alive again today.” – Gaynor Young


It’s 12: 15 PM on day 1946 of my journey towards independence and I managed to pray, read 2 Corinthians 12,  learn one new thing – Hippopotamus Milk is Pink in Color. Hippopotamuses produce two unique skin secretions (so unique they’re named after the animal), “hipposudoric acid” and its analog “norhipposudoric acid”. It gives the hippopotamuses’ sweat a red coloration, commonly believed to be blood (it’s not). – have breakfast and work on my  25 Smiles Campaign – yesterday Frank Burns and Justine Perry donated $15 each and Gaynor Young and Barbara Royce donated $250 together (thanks SO MUCH Frank, Justine, Gaynor and Barbara words cannot express how grateful I am to you guys 🙂 )  which brings my total raised to $705   only $5 545 more to raise in 363 days (SO HAPPY :)).


A while ago I watched “Absa Prosper | Rise Again – The Story of Gaynor Young” – Gaynor fell down an unguarded lift shaft in her 20s and lived to tell the tale – I was so moved by Gaynor’s strength and courage and I am profoundly honoured to call her my friend. Watch “Absa Prosper | Rise Again – The Story of Gaynor Young” below:

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