Day 1115: World Cerebral Palsy Day and life with Cerebral Palsy

All problems are opportunities in disguise. Every problem is a prospective opportunity”- M.V.Hansen & R.Allen


It’s 12 : 02 PM on day 1115 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth,  pray,  feed myself boiled egg and All Bran Flakes for breakfast, read 2 Samuel 18,    publish my Disability of the Day feature and tweet and Facebook about my campaign – nobody donated so far today either 13 days to go.


As you may or may not know today is World Cerebral Palsy Day living with Cerebral Palsy is frustrating you know what you want to do and you know how to do it (in theory) but when it comes to execution of the desired movement it’s like there’s a disconnect between your brain and your body parts, having said that, Cerebral Palsy has taught me perseverance, acceptance and empathy and for that I will always be grateful. Do you find opportunities in every “problem”?

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